Nepalese Main Dishes

Nepalese Vegetarian Mains
Potatoes cooked together with bamboo shoots, black-eye peas and runner beans in onion gravy
Spinach stir fried with spices
Broad beans and potatoes stir fried with spices
Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions and herbs
Red Kidney beans soaked overnight and cooked with tomatoes and onions
Cubes of boiled potatoes mixed with spices and hot turmeric oil.
Nepalese Non Veg Mains
Lamb cooked in traditional way with a touch of garlic and ginger, simmered in light spicy gravy.
Lamb cooked with fermented bamboo shoots, potatoes, runner beans
Chicken cooked in iron wok with juliennes of ginger, capsicum and onion
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